Business Solutions

Solutions to drive results in your core business processes. Our specific industry knowledge ensures a great fit for your business.


Scalable equipment services to help reduce costs and drive efficiency, from deployment through repair, our engineers have you covered.

Focus on Warehouse

Improve efficiency and ROI of your Warehouse Operations with our superior data collection and logisitcs solutions, service, and support.

Heartland EverGreen

Learn more about Heartland EverGreen Support methodology. Choose the best time to retire and replace your mobile assets.


For over 25 years Heartland Computers has helped our customers leverage mobile technology to drive their service levels and profitability to the next level.   Our unique Always On(TM) service approach ensures that you quite simply have maximum availability at the lowest total cost of ownership.      

Find out how Heartland Computers can help you tune the performance of your warehouse, transportation network, manufacturing facilities or other mobile workforce functions to the highest level of performance.

What We Think

August 31, 2016

Tired of Waiting In The Queue to Get Modifications to ERP? Get to Higher Performance Without the Headaches.

Nobody has ever accomplished anything by waiting. Every day is an opportunity to make progress, not a list of tasks...

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