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Selecting the right mobile technologies is just the starting point to unleash the potential of your DSD software and process solutions.  DSD Mobile solutions from Heartland will empower your drivers and delivery teams to tackle store merchandising and sales activities. In fact, at every touchpoint along the way, we will make sure that fully-configured technologies are Always On™, maximizing every stage of your delivery loop—from early morning vehicle checks to end-of-the-day stock monitoring.

Our Solution Experts have worked in your shoes as a distributor and understand the challenges.  When you work with our Team you have folks that know how to help you improve you accuracy, productivity and at the same time increase both supplier & customer satisfaction.  If you have a DSD solution in place today or working off of paper, we can help.  We are here to help you and guide you. And if your not sure how you would get a solution in place we have the team that will be right by your side to help evaluate, test, deploy and provide you long term support through our Solution Support Team.

Our approach consists of working together to help understand what your challenges are and then offering advice on how to improve. We have a wide array of solutions & services that can help you at you pace.

Heartland Can help you:

Find out how Heartland Always On™ will ensure that drivers can better plan tours and manage vehicle checks, as well as monitor stock levels, manage merchandising and other sales activities—and more. And, Heartand Evergreen™ can extend the useful life of your mobile assets by 50% to 200%, maximizing your return on investment in mobile technologies.

See what our DSD Solutions do for customers like you:

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