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Warehouse Handheld DeviceIn our view, buying the right products for your mobile workers is no simple exercise.   There’s a wide landscape of solutions that are available.   The right product strategy must balance current needs, while considering innovations that might matter for you several years out.   That’s not all.   You’ve got to balance cost, against uptime, durability and safety issues.

Heartland brings nearly 25 years of experience combined with being one of only several Certified Repair Facilities.   We know what really works.  We have data that about the performance of devices, how long it really takes to repair things, what their real useful lives are, before they start to substantially break.   With Heartland, you’ll avoid the risks of picking solutions that really cost you over the long run.

We work in every environment from freezer, exposed environments, hospitals, and incendiary environments.   Even the simplest components like cables can be a weak link in an overall solution.   The unit handles temperatures well, and the cables freeze.   We’ll think through the whole solution for you.

When you’ve got a major project, we work with you to engineer the solution to meet business objectives, while minimizing the total cost of ownership.   Challenge our team to meet your business objectives (not just budget constraints) and provide the lowest total cost of ownership for your uptime.   You will find that we represent a significant breadth and depth of solutions required to unleash the power of your mobile workforce.

Last, Heartland understands when your business pressures dictate the use of legacy products.   Click here to find out more about Heartland Evergreen to extend the useful life of legacy products by 50% or more.   And, legacy, refurbished units can be an important part of low-cost automation strategies.   Contact Us directly to learn more about refurbishment, buy backs and recycling.

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