Device Support

Supporting mobile devices is getting increasingly challenging.   Vendors are innovating at a more rapid pace.   New operating system options are coming online.   Less expensive industrial grade equipment is sometimes being added to the mix, and some facilities are even blending in consumer grade devices.

All this means the training and support demands skyrocket as new applications push use, and increasingly pressed mobile workers put equipment “through its paces.”   Broken spares pile up, while each downtime robs pickers or forklift operators of critical seconds.   Worse, yet, is the impact failure has on throughput and customer SLA’s.

5% monthly failure rates in harsh environments mean a pick staff can miss 60 picks a shift… or more as your facility grows.    And, only overtime can make that up.   SLA’s slip, and local support costs rise.

Heartland can help.  Our certified repair facility has over 24 years supporting AND repairing devices.   Our staff has an average tenure of least 12 years of experience supporting and repairing devices.

Terms such as knowledgeable and responsive don’t begin to describe the wonderful experiences we’ve had with the Heartland Technical Support team. With over 1 Million sq ft of distribution space and hundreds of RF devices… the challenge is daunting indeed. Thankfully, Heartland has met the challenge time and time again
IT Business Analyst
Major Retailer Distribution Facility

We offer a range of services that take the headaches of mobile device management away, and can ensure that you meet your customer SLA’s without blowing your budgets:

And, we offer a packaged solution that is backed by the expertise of one of the only certified mobile device repair facilities in North America – Always On(TM)

Always On is simply Absolute Availability at the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

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