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Wireless Mobile Networks Unique Challenge

In stark contrast to traditional WLAN use, wireless network (WLAN) for warehouses, manufacturing sites, ports and yard applications are very challenging .   Mobile users are constantly roaming over broad physical ranges at high speeds amidst a business “conversation,” whether with people or computers.

As a result, many mobile WLAN environments far too often have dead zones, too many overlapping signal sets, and co-mingled mobile traffic with other IT and voice traffic.  The result is productivity, accuracy, and throughput are measurably and negatively impacted.   

60% of mWLAN site surveys completed last year showed significant productivity and connectivity challenges, even in the largest, most sophisticated warehouse environments.

Our team of advanced wireless professionals have the tools and accreditation needed to make sure that you achieve maximum uptime and the optimal mobile technology throughput and uptime in the most complicated environments.  In 2014 alone, we optimized over 50 million square footage of WLAN environments, measurably improving device uptime, device performance, and mobile worker productivity.

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